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Sawayo application examples

Application examples

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To make our functions more tangible, we present some concrete examples of Sawayo's use here.

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jannis portrait

Driving licence check

"If my employees drive without a valid driving licence, I am liable to prosecution."

Hi, I'm Jannis and I'm the manager of a wholesale bakery.
Every morning, my employees drive the fresh baked goods to the surrounding branches. If they use the company cars without a valid driving licence, I am liable to prosecution and fines and even imprisonment. My daily to-do list is so full that I don't have time to regularly call in my employees, check their driving licences and then document the process.

That's why I use Sawayo:
On its own, Sawayo regularly prompts my employees to load up-to-date photos of their driving licences into the software and confirm their authenticity. I save a lot of time and have my head free to take care of my actual tasks.

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Lotta Portrait

Document Management

"My team works in different locations - I don't want to address each person individually.

Hey, I'm Lotta and I'm the PR manager responsible for communication in my company.
After numerous meetings with my team, I have just finalised the planning of a communication campaign. I would now like to have the final protocol confirmed by all those involved and then archived in a legally secure way. However, my colleagues do not all work at the same location and I do not want to remind each of them individually of the minutes by email.

That's why I use Sawayo:
I simply upload the minutes there, assign them to everyone involved and set a deadline. Sawayo then asks my team to read and sign the document and then archives it in a legally secure way. In the time that I would otherwise have spent chasing everyone and anyone, I can already throw myself into implementing my campaign.

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Example: Confidentiality agreement

Miguel Portrait

Deadline Monitoring

"I have long since lost track of contract durations."

I am Miguel and the managing director of an architecture firm.
Since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, most of my employees have been working from home. So hardly anyone needs a landline phone any more. Years ago, I concluded a contract for the fixed work phones and filed it away in some folder. But to be honest: I have long since lost track of the contract periods, cancellation and renewal deadlines. Every month, I throw vast amounts of money out the window for unused telephone contracts.

Now I use Sawayo:
I now simply enter contract terms and deadlines in Sawayo. The reminder assistant automatically reminds me of expiring contracts or upcoming renewals. This saves me a lot of money and I no longer have to spend my everyday life on small-scale administrative work.

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Sabine Portrait

Absence management

"I have so much on my plate that I don't manage to process applications immediately."

My name is Sabine and I run a small wellness hotel in the Allgäu.
When my employees would like to go on holiday themselves, they enter the days in a form and then put it in my mailbox. I have so much on my plate all day that I don't always manage to process the requests immediately. Often my employees wait more than a week for my approval. I can understand that this sometimes frustrates them.

That's why I now use Sawayo:
My employees register their holiday requests in the app and I confirm them with a click of the mouse. Sawayo shows me exactly who is absent and when, and how many days of leave each person has left. With the software, I save a lot of money and my employees can plan their free time more spontaneously.

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Jochen Portrait

Deadline Monitoring

"I forget things like checking the first aid kit every six months in my daily life."

Hello, my name is Jochen and I am the managing director of a carpentry business.
You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs - which is why I make sure that our first-aid kit is always up to date and fully stocked. I am also required to do this by the accident prevention regulations: Twice a year, the first-aid kit must be checked to make sure it is complete. In addition to his job as a master carpenter, one of my employees is also the official first aider in the company. Because he has to deal with completely different things in his everyday life, he sometimes forgets this - which can be very dangerous in the event of an accident.

That's why I have now introduced Sawayo:
I simply enter the six-monthly check into the reminder assistant. Now my master carpenter no longer has to keep the deadline in mind and if something happens, we can react immediately.

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Pia Portrait

Document Management

"I email important documents or press them into people's hands - it's hard to keep track of them."

Hi, I'm Pia. I'm the editor-in-chief of an automotive magazine.
I work a lot with freelance photographers who accompany the stories in my magazine. Occasionally, they photograph a car that has not yet been presented to the public. In these cases, they have to sign a document that obliges them to maintain confidentiality. I mail this confidentiality agreement to the persons concerned or print it out and press it into their hands. It is difficult to keep track of everything.

Now I use Sawayo:
I simply load the confidentiality agreement into the software, assign it to the photographers and set the deadline until shortly before the photo shoot. The photographers sign digitally in the app, where the document is also archived in a legally secure way. Sawayo takes a lot of work off my hands and gives me security.

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