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Anyone who runs a company is subject to a wide range of employer obligations and laws.
Non-compliance can result in fines, and in some cases even personal liability of the management.
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As an employer, you are subject to various business obligations. You can quickly lose track of them. However, this is dangerous: If you do not comply with your obligations, you may be subject to heavy fines - in some cases you may even be personally liable under criminal law!

We want to help you identify your liability risks and manage them with minimal effort. With Sawayo, stressful tasks become a manageable routine.

What topics await you?

The following topics await you in the risk analysis tailored to your company:

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Risk assessment
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Data protection
Driving licence check
Time Tracking
Time Tracking
Fire protection
First aid
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Obligation to show laws
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Why a questionnaire?

Which laws and regulations are relevant to your business depends on a variety of business parameters. To help you navigate safely, we need to get to know your company a little. To this end, we have developed a process that enables an initial analysis based on a few easy-to-answer questions.

Individual legal advice and in-depth analyses are expensive and time-consuming. We offer you a simple, initial orientation.*
Once you know your entrepreneurial obligations, you can better decide what your next steps should be.
We are happy to help you implement the identified tasks!

* Our offeris notlegal advice. However, Sawayo helps you to recognise whether and where such advice is actually useful for you.

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What do you get from us?

We want to help you meet the legal requirements.
You will receive a compact overview from us in the form of a PDF file, with points of reference for further considerations and tips from the lives of entrepreneurs.
*We make no claim to completeness.

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