Digitize employer obligations -
fast & easy!

Sawayo is your all-in-one solution for regulatory compliance. Concentrate on your core business, Sawayo takes care of the rest.
Made in Germany
DSGVO compliant
Fast process
Sawayo platform

Sawayo combines all important solutions in one place

Save time and money with automation.

Lean digital processes lead to an increase in productive hours and thus more time for the essentials. Information is always immediately available, on the PC and also outside the office (via app and web browser). The information is virtually in your pants pocket or handbag....
Overview of the Sawayo App
Sawayo Dashboard

Keep the overview.

Thanks to simple dashboards and status displays, gaps and risks are quickly noticed. This makes it easy to avoid unnecessary defects.

Take the pressure off yourself and your employees.

Classic paper filing systems are no longer needed and employees spend up to 70% less time on communication, feedback and documentation. And you do a lot for the environment!
Sawayo digitizes all documents.
All employees of the company have an advantage of Sawayo

Make everyday life easier for your team.

Enable your team to work efficiently and effectively - anywhere, anytime. Status notifications and real-time updates keep everyone informed. Anytime.

What successes
does Sawayo bring you?

Employee satisfaction

Employees decide for themselves when and where they process documents and record times within a predefined framework. Flexibility makes work easier, and self-determination means appreciation.


The leaner process leads to an increase in productive hours and thus more time. Information is always available, even outside the office. The HR department in particular is greatly relieved.


Our clear verification documentation with automatic return control and deadline monitoring ensures completeness of all relevant verifications. Nothing gets lost.


Doing away with paper and eliminating the need to travel for administrative tasks saves ecological and financial resources.

About the functions:

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