Keep track of absences.

Employees request leave in seconds. You give approvals and can view the remaining vacation immediately. You keep the overview and have time to concentrate on more important things.

Absence calendar and the employee app

Automate the vacation calculation.

Employees enter their absences, Sawayo calculates the exact entitlement whether on the road or at their desk. Sawayo shows employees how many vacation days they have already taken and how many are still available.
Absence overview
Absence calendar from Sawayo

Always stay up to date.

The calendar provides a structured view of all open and approved requests. Status notifications and real-time updates keep you informed. Anytime.

Speed up releases and save up to 80% of the time.

With Sawayo, you digitize your entire absence management. Employees request their absences at the click of a button - the manager only has to confirm at the push of a button. Even the review and approval process becomes transparent, fast, paperless - and absolutely effortless.
Release process from Sawayo

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Create your own absence types and rules

Create individual policies for each employee.

Different employees need different absence policies. With Sawayo you can define customized rules for different entitlements, transfers and approvals and the rest will take care of itself.

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