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Our goal is simple.

  We make employer obligations digital.

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Compliance should be simple

and not be seen as a burden
We believe that compliance shouldn't be hard or a chore. Nor should it take time away from the things you love most. By solving employer obligations with algorythms, companies can refocus on what's important and tackle the world's problems. This way, compliance is not experienced as a burden, but as an opportunity. #unsuckcompliance
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What we do

We pour the foundations for modern, digital and secure organizations. With our automated risk analysis, we help companies identify their liability risks and manage them with minimal effort.We show practical, easy-to-understand approaches to solutions. We guide our clients on the first steps to becoming more secure and efficient - because everyone benefits. Employers save time and money. Employees experience safe and appreciative work environments.We digitize and automate administrative processes and introduce modern technologies to design work and communication. We simplify and make it cheaper to comply with legal requirements. So that our customers can navigate safely on the high seas.
Sawayo - Platform for employer obligations
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  • 2020
    Established April 2020
  • 1.5M €
    Total funding
  • 30 years
    entrepreneurial experience
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Our employees are experts with years of experience in companies such as SAP, Zalando, Porsche, ...
New Work - But the Right Way!

With us, employees get unlimited vacation to work as freely as possible.
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We are an internationally distributed team and work in a total of 5 locations worldwide.
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February 13, 2023
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