The Digital Registered Mail with Return Receipt.

Transform your document flows into seamless and digital experiences. You don't need circulars or email cascades with Sawayo, you have them digitally in your dashboard in real time. Anywhere. Anytime.

The Read&Sign process

Signatures made easy.

You want to distribute a signature gathering document to one or many people? Then you have the solution with Sawayo. With signatures that can be easily made both on the PC and on the mobile device.
Hand with a cell phone with the Sawayo app
Digital signature list

Keep the overview.

Thanks to simple dashboards and status displays, gaps and risks are quickly noticed. This makes it easy to avoid unnecessary defects.

Gain time back every month.

Manual signature processes cost a lot of time. With Sawayo, you don't have to chase paper slips or send huge email cascades. Read&Sign digitizes the entire process and fits intuitively into your business processes.
History of the Read&Sign document

Save money with Read&Sign.

Return on investment is 224%, ø over 1000€ per month.

Send documents to groups and individual employees with Read&Sign

Automated processes to the end.

With Sawayo, information flows no longer take days, but minutes. You see the signature return in real time. Automation eliminates administrative overhead.

Always stay up to date.

Recipients are notified about new documents and reminded about deadlines via email and push messages. You'll receive a message as soon as everything is ready.
Notifications via app or mail
Sawayo Mobile App
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"We were particularly impressed by the intuitive usability, which meant that everyone could get started straight away. In addition, competent and friendly support is always available for questions."
Benedikt Schindele
Medical Practice Schindele & Eberle

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