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Your company, an app.

Transition many of your time-consuming paper processes to a fast digital path. Information is distributed in real time and knowledge gaps decrease. You'll save time and money and avoid liability risks.

Overview of the Sawayo App

Make everyday life easier for your team.

Lean digital processes lead to an increase in productive hours and thus more time for the essentials. Information is always immediately available, on the PC and also outside the office (via app and web browser). The information is virtually in your pocket.
All employees of the company have an advantage of Sawayo
Sawayo digitizes all documents.

Relieve your employees and save time.

Classic paper filing systems are no longer needed and employees spend up to 70% less time on communication, feedback and documentation. And you do a lot for the environment!

Create clarity and transparency.

Thanks to a clear, central, real-time overview of all processes, you create transparency and make them fully comprehensible to employees at all times.
The Sawayo platform at a glance
Notifications via app or mail

Always stay up to date.

Push notifications and emails in the app remind employees of deadlines and how to start and stop time tracking. Status notifications and real-time updates keep everyone in the loop. Anytime.
Sawayo Mobile App
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"We were particularly impressed by the intuitive usability, which meant that everyone could get started straight away. In addition, competent and friendly support is always available for questions."
Benedikt Schindele
Medical Practice Schindele & Eberle

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