License control

Automate your controls.

Checking licenses, credentials and certificates has never been easier. With just a few clicks, you can automatically check everything from driver's licenses to certificates of good conduct. Efficiently. Digital. Transparent.

Sawayo License Control

Eliminate administrative overhead.

With Sawayo, you digitize your entire control process. Even the inspection and approval process becomes transparent, fast, paperless - and absolutely effortless.
The complete control process is handled by Sawayo.
The Sawayo platform at a glance

Reduce your liability risk.

If your employees use company vehicles, you must comply with the legal regulations on owner's liability. With Sawayo, you can both provide proof of instruction and carry out regular checks on driver's licenses. And this applies to all licenses - including hygiene protection certificates and the like.

Get more clarity and control.

In the settings, you define which checks are to be performed for the individual employees. You can freely determine the intervals and reminders. This gives you a complete overview at all times and reduces your liability risks.
Overview of the Sawayo license control
In only 3 steps the license control is set

All set up - in 3 simple steps.

Select a control type, define the control cycle and select from when to control. Done! All controls can be edited, adjusted and deleted by the authorized persons at any time.
Sawayo Dashboard on a Macbook
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"We were particularly impressed by the intuitive usability, which meant that everyone could get started straight away. In addition, competent and friendly support is always available for questions."
Benedikt Schindele
Medical Practice Schindele & Eberle

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