Anniversary discount: 2 years of Sawayo - celebrate with us and get a 20% discount!

Anniversary discount: 2 years of Sawayo - celebrate with us and get a 20% discount for the first 6 months!

Sawayo document management
Read & Sign

Manage your documents. Digitally.

Routing slips learn to fly. Save time and have important evidence always at hand in the audit-proof archive.

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Demand confirmations

Upload document, assign recipient, set deadline, send. Sawayo takes care of the rest.


Track in real time

Employees sign via the app, externals in the browser. You can see at any time who has already confirmed and who is still missing a signature.


Audit-proof archiving

Confirmed documents are securely stored in the system and are available to you at any time as proof in the event of inspections.
step by step

Here's how it works:


Manage and share documents in one place

All documents are stored centrally in the archive and can be found quickly using keywords and filters.

Manage documents
Select employees

Send with a few clicks

Assign documents to employees and external parties with just a few clicks. They then receive the documents via app or email.


Automatic reminders

Set a deadline for the recipients of your documents to confirm. Sawayo automatically reminds them via app or email.

App notification
Signature via app

Digital signature via app or browser

Employees confirm the documents assigned to them with a digital signature in the employee app. External people sign in a browser application.


Document archive for employees

Employees can view important documents in the app at any time.

Document Archive App
Progress control Signatures

Real-time progress monitoring

You can see at any time who has confirmed a document and when - and whose confirmation is still missing.


Audit proof

For each document you can download an audit-proof list of signatures.

Signature list from document
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