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Check driving licences.

With Sawayo, you can regularly and effortlessly check the valid driving licence of your employees and protect yourself as a vehicle owner.

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If you maintain a vehicle fleet in your company, you are the vehicle owner according to the law.
If your employees use the vehicles, you must check their valid driving licences.
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Trigger driving licence check automatically

According to your rhythm, Sawayo independently prompts your employees to check their driving licences.

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Here you will find answers to the most common questions about driving licence checks.

Why do I have to check the driving licences of my employees?

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If a company vehicle is used in any way by the employee, the driving licence must be checked regularly. This is because if someone is driving the vehicle who does not have the required driving licence or who is prohibited from driving the vehicle, the owner is liable to prosecution under road traffic law.

At what intervals must driving licences be checked?

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As a rule, you should check the driving licence of every employee before handing over the vehicle for the first time. Thereafter, check at least every six months. Of course, you can also do it more frequently.

Are the controls documented?

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All past inspections can be viewed in the Sawayo software and are available as a record.

How do my staff carry out the control?

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After you trigger the driver's licence check for an employee, the employee receives a notification in the Sawayo employee app. The employee must then take a photo of the front and back of their driving licence live in the app and confirm the specified data with a signature.

For which vehicles do I have to carry out a driving licence check?

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The driving licence check is required for all vehicles of the company. This includes, for example, company cars or pool vehicles, as well as other vehicles such as forklift trucks.

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