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Sawayo Max Update

First of all, a big THANK YOU for all the constructive feedback we regularly receive from you! Your opinions help us to make Sawayo better, and we hope you like it! For example, many of you have asked us to talk more about what's new in Sawayo. And there have been plenty of them in the last few weeks! So - here we go!

🔥 Fresh from the oven

Digital personnel file (beta version):‍

The entire employee documentation in Sawayo, with all the information and files you need - according to your needs. If you want to test it, you can activate the personnel file at the bottom right via the orange question mark under "Early Access". (Incidentally, further functions will also appear there in the future, so watch out!)

Project time recording:

We could hardly save ourselves - when will projects finally happen? Now the time has come! We'll be happy to activate project time tracking for you on request - just send us a message to!


If you work at night, on Sundays or on public holidays, you should be paid accordingly! You can also set up bonuses on request at

Activity display:

Did everyone actually start their timer this morning or has it been running for 455 hours straight? Don't worry - with the new activity display you can keep track! You can find it under the menu item "Time tracking" → "Activity" tab.


Lately, an "Adé!" has often been followed by a "Gruezi!", but since we have integrated not only the Swiss public holidays, but also those of many other countries, you can also work internationally. You can select the correct public holiday calendar in the location settings.

Edit absences:‍

Makes sense, we thought - after all, we are sometimes ill for longer than the doctor originally thought. In this case, scroll down to the history on an employee's absence page and use the button at the very bottom to simply adjust the existing entry.


Here are a few improvements for those who are just starting out:

Import employees:

We noticed that it gets a bit fiddly when you have to enter 49 employees one by one. That's why you can now import your employees via Excel or CSV file.

Multiple selection:

You can now select multiple employees in the list and apply the same settings to all of them. Every click saved is a good click!


And here are a few tips that you can pass on to your employees:


Our app now appears, if desired, in a beautiful dark mode. We hope you like it!


To ensure that all your employees can work well with our app, there are now 6 language packages to choose from.


🐞 Bug fixes and improvements

  • Overall, Sawayo has become 1004% faster!
  • You can now display the time recording pages of the respective employees not only by month, but also by week and day.
  • You can now simply enter absences in the absence calendar using drag & drop.
  • We have made various adjustments to the administration interface so that you can also use it on the move - so you can access the most important information on the go!
  • The settings have been given a new homepage so that you can get from A for absences to Z for two-factor authentication more quickly.
  • You can now open your account as an employee application in the top right-hand menu under your name.
  • Tables now use more space on the page so that everything is still visible on small screens.
  • If you have selected an employee, you can now switch directly to another employee in the header at the top without always having to go back to the list.

🔮 We are currently working on this

  • Time recording at the terminal
  • Automatic break deduction
  • Better notifications
  • Interfaces to HR systems

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