The time tracking with which you gain time.

With Sawayo, you can easily track times digitally with your team, regardless of location or size.

Working time recording digital simple software

A solution your team will love - digitally fast & reliable

Record times independent of device

With Sawayo, you decide how employees should record their times, whether via app, browser (on the PC) or terminal. All options are open to you.
Device-independent time recording

Automatic reporting

Employees record their times in seconds and Sawayo automatically generates reports about overtime, hourly account with target and actual times and many more...
Automatic evaluations of the time recording

Precise pause detection - also automatic

Break times can be recorded and documented separately or automatically, so you are always legally compliant.
Break recording Time recording

Extensive export function

You can export the time tracking data via Excel, PDF, DATEV and Sage.
Time recording export as PDF, Excel , DATEV and Sage

Modern and intuitive design

With us, you don't need extensive training or onboarding, Sawayo is natural and easy to use.
Overview of the Sawayo App
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Anja Theißen
Assistant to the Managing Director & HR

"A great solution for us as a company and our employees.

The self-explanatory overview makes time tracking super easy. Also the onboarding as well as the data implementation was very fast with the help of the team.
Thank you so much for the tool."

Everything you need to work quickly and easily.

Dashboards for a quick overview

Simple and quick-to-view dashboards give you a comprehensive overview.

Pay overtime with one click

The hours account can be easily adjusted so that overtime paid out is correctly deposited.

Stay informed with projects and comments

A project and/or a comment can be attached to each time entry so that each entry has a context.

Approve times with one click

You can approve the time recording and thus record the times in an audit-proof manner.

Allow subsequent entry

With the Compliance settings, you can switch subsequent entries on and off. This greatly reduces the administrative effort required for subsequent maintenance.

Track every adjustment with change histories

With the integrated history, every change is traceable and subsequent changes to entries are made visible.

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Not with us - choose your own entry point:

Unlimited configurability so you can work the way that works best for you.

Create work plans as you need them

With Sawayo, you decide how employees should record their times. All options are open to you. Even changes can be planned in advance and thus save a lot of time and effort.
Create flexible working time model

Save views for a personalized experience

The same table can be displayed in many different ways. You can easily switch back and forth between different views - just as you need it.
Personalize time recording through views

No device? No problem! Terminal mode for on-site recording

Employees record their working times on site using a terminal. An NFC chip is all you need instead of your own device. All you need is a single NFC-enabled device and you're ready to go. The days of large, expensive terminal solutions are over.
Sawayo Terminal Mode for time recording

Set access controls

Employees should not be allowed to enter data on certain days or edit entries manually? No problem, this can all be set.

Automatic holidays

Public holidays from over 100 countries are automatically stored and correctly entered into the time recording system without you having to lift a finger.


The time recording can be easily sent to the payroll via DATEV interface.

Scalable to any company size

Overview of time recording for all employees

An overview of all employees and their time tracking with included progress display.
Whether 5 or 500 employees, reporting has never been easier!
An overview of time tracking for the whole company

Security and admin tools

Protect your corporate account with security settings like password strength and session duration.

Individual admin roles

Delegate the management of users through custom admin roles.
Risk analysis

Granular permission settings

Define exactly who is allowed to do and create what.

SSO & 2 Factor Authentication

Use Sawayo according to your security rules with SSO access and 2FA.

Meet retention deadlines with the archive.

Sawayo does not charge archived employees, so you can cost-effectively meet your retention deadlines.

DSGVO compliant - hosting in Germany

Our servers are located in Germany and are DSGVO compliant.

Experts support

We like to help! And that is no empty phrase with us. Our expert support team will help you with any question and support you in the introduction and use of Sawayo. We are there for you and free of charge.
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Claudia Knuth
Claudia Knuth
Partner @ LUTZ | ABEL
- Specialist lawyer for labor law -

"Sawayo manages to make the complex details of working time arrangements look simple. That's why we're happy to recommend Sawayo."

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